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    Aurora v2.1

    Aurora 2 makes adding original, stunning backgrounds in Photoshop easy. In minutes, you can add crisp skies, beautiful reflective water, stormy clouds, or a bright sun to any scene.

    Sun, Moon, and Stars
    Add a sun, moon and stars to any background. Add multiple suns and moons of any color, changing the size of the sun and the size of the halo. The moon can be defined by phase and shows the surface of the moon. Define size, number, and color of star clusters.

    Clouds – Cirrus, Stratus, Nimbus
    Add any type of cloud from a white, puffy Nimbus cloud to a high-altitude, stormy Stratus. Add multiple layers of each type of cloud for amazing effects. Cloud color as well as thickness and light properties are all modifiable. Puffy clouds can be shaped.

    Water, With Waves Reflection and Underwater
    Add water to any scene. Water automatically reflects layers. Change the size and direction of the waves. Change the water’s color and depth. Now with Aurora 2 you can create underwater scenes with lighting.

    Light Beams
    Add, manipulate and color light beams in three dimensions. Lights can be grouped and colored. Take full control of the light intensity, its source, and its destination. Special Digital Rendering allows interpolation of light beams through layers – creates great “light through leaves”

    Eye Candy 5 - Nature

    Eye Candy 5: Nature, is a collection of ten Photoshop filters, which create fire, smoke, rust, snow, ice and more. The second of a three-part upgrade to Eye Candy 4000, Nature offers beautifully rendered effects that any novice or professional designer will appreciate.

    Nature includes four new filters and reincarnates six Eye Candy classics. The classic filters boast brand-new looks, greater realism, and improved ease-of-use. For example, select filters can create a new layer and render effects to it; this allows you to view, edit, or turn off these effects without modifying the original layer.

    Nature includes over 500 presets for frequently used effects; you can find the perfect effect quickly. The improved settings management system makes it easy to browse, share and collect new settings.

    Nature also works with 16-bit images. Color transitions are smoother, with less banding. Print documents reproduce colors more accurately.

    Eye Candy 5 - Xenofex

    Xenofex 2 delivers 14 more phenomenal effects for Web designers, graphic artists, digital photographers, and special effects enthusiasts.

    With Xenofex 2, simulate spectacular natural phenomena such as lightning and clouds. Create striking images and text using sophisticated distortions such as Flag, Television, and the brand new Rip Open. Transform your photos into jigsaw puzzles, constellations, and intricate mosaics with a single click. Plus, presets put hundreds of quick and easy effects at your fingertips.

    Eye Candy 5 - Textures

    Eye Candy® 5: Textures is a collection of ten seamless texture generators. The first of three upgrades to Eye Candy 4000, Textures produces a wide variety of texture effects, including snake and lizard skin, fur, brick, stone and wood. Graphic designers, Web developers and 3D artists can quickly create backgrounds, skins, seamless tiles and more.

    Relying on the contents of a stock texture library limits creativity. Textures creates a limitless variety of photo-realistic surfaces for $99, the cost of a stock CD. And, because every filter has a seamless tile option, tiling is quick and easy.

    Textures includes settings for over 200 frequently used effects. A new settings system makes it easy to explore these effects. The ability to save and export makes sharing settings a snap.

    Textures works with 16-bit images and does not compromise expanded color depth. Color transitions are smoother and print documents reproduce colors more accurately.

    Filters Unlimited 2

    350 top-notch filter effects, combined in one single Photoshop compatible plug-in. We bet: this is probably the only 3rd party plug-in you ever need.

    By utilizing an integerated filter database and an easy to use interface, Filters Unlimited reaches a new dimension in the world of graphics plug-ins. Combined with Photoshop Actions you can get incredible, really unlimited effects.

    Comes with more than 350 great built-in filters. And you can add more than 2,000 filters for free in just a few minutes by following our links.

    Filters Unlimited is also a complete filter development system. Build your own filter effects in minutes - it's as easy as using a pocket calculator.

    All files, contain instillation info.
    Download 36.3 Mb's

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    Extract all files to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Plug-Ins


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