a poem for my poem ( she knows who she is)

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  1. 50cent

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    25 Juillet 2005
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    (And Pearls Rained Down)​

    What she flaunted on her hand, my hand could not grasp
    She sapped my strength by tracing on her palm....
    like the paths of ants upon her fingertips,
    Or a meadow bejeweled with hailstones by the clouds
    From every direction, with the bow of her brow
    and the arrow of her eye, she has aimed at my heart.
    In her hand, her comb is stretched out as a trap
    For hunting my heart from inside my body.

    She is radiant: the sun would be ashamed to rise
    Again on anyone, if only it saw her.
    i requested her companionship; she replied, "dont be a fool!
    The one who wishes to draw near me will die of grief!"
    She added, "How many of my ardent victims have died passionately
    In love, unable to even utter a word."
    I said, " May the merciful save me from error!
    But a lover lacks patience and endurance."

    She left me floored, though, when she said,
    "See what the gazelle has done to the lion"
    She queried a phantom that had visited me then vanished,
    "By God, describe him to me, and dont omit anything nor exaggerate!"
    The phantom replied,"I left him in such a state that, were he dying of thirst
    And you told him, `Don`t draw near the water!`, he would not."
    She said," You have spoken truly for constancy in love is his nature."
    Oh, how her words soothed the burning inside of me!

    Softening her pride, she asked others about me, and was told
    "He has not one spark of life within him." She strucked one hand on the other,
    And pearls rained down from her narcissus eyes, watering
    The roses of her cheeks, as her white hailstone teeth bit her wine-red lips.
    She cried out, at once, and said-
    Freely, without any hesitation or delay-
    "By God, no sister ever mourned for the loss of her brother,
    Nor a mother for her son, as I now mourn for him!"

    if my rivals begrudge me my death, then alas!       
    even in death, i am not free of envy

    from faicel to ZEN
  2. Stutu

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    20 Novembre 2004
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    Re : a poem for my poem ( she knows who she is)

    Fitty dajij hadshi , i can t believe it s butter nyahahahahahahahaaha
    mohim ytoub you re the best [17h]
  3. zen

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    22 Novembre 2004
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    Re : a poem for my poem ( she knows who she is)

    ma3raftch ana fach had le poem kihamni?lach dedicated to me achmane mounassaba...
    anyway bonne continuation fel poems dialak...
  4. RedEye

    RedEye - أبو عبدالرحمن - Membre du personnel

    10 Décembre 2004
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    Re : a poem for my poem ( she knows who she is)

    ma poem ma seta zefta [22h]

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