a poem which i wrote for my only luv.written by me

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    poem from "wild_2k1" to a sweet memory!!

    I want smiles 2 replace the sorrow

    I wanted u more than I wanted me
    I remember my last thought at night was of u
    and my first thought in the morning was of u
    It has been a long time since I've actually
    sat and adored u but every once in awhile
    your beautiful smile guides me through a day

    U say that u'll love me forever but what about today
    As the dusks become dawns and the years pass on will u
    love me the same way

    From first glance I know exactly what would Be
    u and I have perfect hearts destined one day 2 Be
    The circumstances don't even matter because my heart
    never lies
    And if u don't admit 2 this it is u who will be surprised

    Loneliness was daily 4 me
    until u came along
    There was a gleam of stars in your eyes
    I thought I'd never feel this way again
    But u were the one 2 reach into my heart
    And find in me a lover

    I think of how alone I was
    before u came 2 be
    I think of the joy I felt
    when u said u thought of me

    when my heart can beat no more
    I Hope I Die For A Principle
    or A Belief that I had Lived 4

    u will never fully understand
    how Deeply my Heart Feels 4 u
    I worry that we'll grow apart
    and I'll end up losing u

    There R no words 2 express
    how much I truely care

    My heart has never known
    the Joy u bring 2 me

    I'd die 2 hold u or 2 kiss u
    or merely to see your face

    pour my heart in2 this poem
    and look 4 the meaning of Life

    But u must fight fire with flame

    let us forget the world
    4 a moment let's just revel
    in our love story

    your eyes attracted me First

    2 me your name alone is poetry
    I barely know u and already
    I can't explain this feeling I feel
    4 mery
    I want 2 c u form the moment
    u leave my side till the moment u return
    My nonchalant cold heart finally has eyes only
    4 mery
    So now I risk it all
    Just 4 the feeling of joy u bring me
    I accept the ridicule
    in exchange for the words u share with me
    All of this & much more I will do
    4 mery

    Sometimes when I'm alone
    I cry because I'm on my own

    my tears they fall with passion
    Like tears conceived from stars
    Full of brightness & energy
    Seen only from afar
    Tonight these tears are

    full of pain but also I can feel
    relief from my heart
    Because the stigma is revealed
    unfaithful and unforgiven
    I cannot bear 2 let this be
    So I must be pure
    2 only her for eternity

    I'm going in 2 this not knowing what I'll find
    but I've decided 2 follow my heart and abandon my mind
    and if there be pain I know that at least I gave my all
    and it is better 2 have loved and lost than 2 not love at all
    In the morning I may wake 2 smile or maybe 2 cry
    but first 2 those of my past I must say goodbye

    with luv peace and much respect.
    written by "Mohcine Homrani"
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    Re : a poem which i wrote for my only luv.written by me

    i think this girl is luchy to find someone who loves her like u do
    i hope she diserves u
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    Re : a poem which i wrote for my only luv.written by me

    tu c ce poem c une tragidy aussi car la fille ma kitté ca fais 2ans.ewa ma3lich en tt cas keyen les souvenir yak ;-) et merci pr le compliment

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