aren't u tired?


You used to be my lover, my friend
But I hope you never have to come this way again
There's no need to reminisce about the past
Cuz boy we're just not meant to be
I told u the day will come were we both have regrets
with you there's danger in every corner
Listen with all the decisions that i chose to make
you can do it by your own, you're better than this
I don't care if i chose to break all the promises
with you or without you,damn i can smile
I have my eye on you, i know what u going through
You mean so much to me, old buddy
I've got the answers, so lets make a happy life
give me some time i don't get down like that
I'm the kind of girl you don't meet everyday
You knew it but what's you problem
You've been looking,then suddenly you wanna loose it?
I get a little out of control, but it's ok
i can't believe it happened so fast
pretendin that loosing didn't meant a thing
but You still coming with your word, your looks
Admit it you got it bad, there is no lie
i've got love, what about you who fills you up?
So listen now i think you need a friend
what you need might pass you by
catch it sweety, i might not come back it ain't no lie
i walked away that day, trying to do u right
i've left out drown, i swear i didn't mean that
So smart hell you are, don't put me down
Show me some love , make me stay