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    qlq exemples bach nfahmou achno bgha lakhor igol [22h]

    Brisk, erect walk: Confidence
    Standing with hands on hips Readiness: aggression
    Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly: Boredom
    Sitting, legs apart Open: relaxed
    Arms crossed on chest: Defensiveness
    Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched: Dejection
    Hand to cheek Evaluation: thinking
    Touching, slightly rubbing nose Rejection, doubt: lying
    Rubbing the eye Doubt: disbelief
    Hands clasped behind back: Anger, frustration, apprehension
    Locked ankles: Apprehension
    Head resting in hand, eyes downcast: Boredom
    Rubbing hands: Anticipation
    Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed: Confidence, superiority
    Open palm: Sincerity, openness, innocence
    Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed: Negative evaluation
    Tapping or drumming fingers: Impatience
    Steepling fingers: Authoritative
    Patting/fondling hair: Lack of self-confidence; insecurity
    Tilted head: Interest
    Stroking chin: Trying to make a decision
    Looking down, face turned away: Disbelief
    Biting nails: Insecurity, nervousness
    Pulling or tugging at ear: Indecision
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    hnaaaa badaaa aktiimakanfhamch l anglais
    wela bgiti almawdouue dyalik ytajih ila akbaar adaad momkin min les membres kitbih bil lfrancais wela hsiin bil arbiya
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    hehehe zwina hadi oullah

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