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  1. Stutu

    Stutu Citoyen

    20 Novembre 2004
    J'aime reçus:
    I don't want this life
    Its not worth the hassle
    I'm not wanted around here
    I dont know, why I'm feeling this way
    Can't pin it down to any one thing
    The black void controls me
    I can't get out
    Although I try
    Please believe me
    I've shed so many tears
    Dreamed so many dark dreams
    I feel so bleak, numb, desolate...
    I tremble if people come near
    Please don't reject me if I try to push you away
    Although you probably will
    I'm scared of the telephone
    I don't know who's ringing
    A knock at my door
    I run and hide
    I don't want to see anybody...
    Although its probably not me they want to see ...
    People laugh
    They don't understand
    Pull yourself together..
    Is what they say
    Don't they know?..
    I don't want to be like this
    Please believe me
    Although if you don't, then I won't blame you
    I wish for compassion
    Some understanding
    People don't realize
    I'm still here.. Somewhere in this black pit of despair

    TO: ZEN
  2. zen

    zen Visiteur

    22 Novembre 2004
    J'aime reçus:
    3yiiiiiiite m3ak ha scallop haki scallop walou neti mabaghache, chti ach kitra....
    tres tres joli....

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