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    The doctor is not always the chafi
    the weather is not safi
    the bread is not kafi

    but your love makes my heart dafi
    and makes me run 7afi
    oh baby baraka... safi

    she was near me and the lignt was tafi
    i took her hand, my heart was then very dafi
    she said : u have your cup, don't drink from ghorrafi!

    her voice was strange, like commandant 9eddafi
    i said : baby, r u not moulat l3ouafi
    i touched her face, i found a beard of imam 7anafi,
    ya ra7mane ya ra7im ya rabbi ya chafi

    She told me i love you my baby bichaghafi
    I saied, i love you like the stars above, i'll love you till i die wa7e9 charafi

    But who 'bip' you last night and send you a message dafi
    it was nobody, it was a wrong number ossafi
    this kind of things happend ghir lik a rass zarafi

    I take her for a walk and to drink a café
    I young beatifull girl was smiling to us bilatafi
    You know her ? this is strange o safi

    She comes to us and told us she wants to make ta79i9 sa7afi

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    héhé 9dima [22h]

    merci mouhcine
  3. acha3ir al majhoul

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    wakha deja vu et deja lu merci pr le partage
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    Ejdide lih jedda olbali la tferret fih.. :)

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