c koi le problème ??

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  1. tikiwine

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    29 Janvier 2006
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    salam tous le monde,g 1prob :c ke mon PC ne redemare pas je c pas prkoi ? alors je m'adresse a vous,ki

    c ki a eu le meme blème.é c du 2koi ??
  2. Le_Dictateur

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    30 Juin 2005
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    Re : c koi le problème ??

    explique akhouya, waha makay redémariche fach katbghé t redémari ola makaydouzzch l shutdown !?
  3. le3fou

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    9 Mai 2005
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    Re : c koi le problème ??

    if you meant that your computer doesn't go to windows XP after restarting it, then you might either have some files missing or your Operating system is corrupted, therefore you need to do this:
    1- try starting your computer by using "the last known good configuration", you do that by clicking f8 or f12 to get to a window with this options. if it doesn't work then go to step 2
    2- insert the recovery CD, and go through the Steps... or by using the start up recovery disc. if u don't have it, then go to step 3.
    3- use windows XP CD and boot from the CD, go through the wizard and don't delete any partition, instead, go through the repair option... and that way, the software will recover the missing files and fix the corruptions.

    the reboot is not a hardware failure, because your computer works just fine except the BIOS has to make the Operating system work after the IO and the config files check all the hardware connected to the PC.

    If all these options don't work, then I would suggest you flash the BIOS in order to recognize other devices connected to the system UNIT... but please try explaining the problem thoroughly so we could give u a clear explanation about it. otherwise we feel dump here :)

    good luck let me know if u need more help

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