far away


we'll be together and this time it's forever
I'll be fighting but this time together
Remove thoses clouds and look at me
You can see that we are meant to be
My feelings go stronger every day
I never thought i'd feel this way
Curse me inside when you feel sad
Beautiful eyes and looks to kill
Honey i was too lost before
Know that i'm found i want to try love
Say you love me every waking moment
Keep your eyes focussed on me
we may be a thousand miles appart
But i'm sur i am wherever you are
you keep me deep inside your heart
I want to use the right word to spoiled you
The right touch to blow your world
give me the courage and the strenght i need
I'll be so much stronger holind your hand
I have felt you, and have so much to give
I wouldn't change change anything
Because the love that we have is never ending
I see you standing there waiting for me
And your faight on me bring me to tears
sometimes i'm scared ,feeling insecure
i was sadly mistaken you're my soul
take this passion of me and make it happen
Close my eyes and hold me tight
There a heart that keeps you deep inside


Re : far away

dima stupified!!! 3yit mandreb f lattes walouuu...[:Z] koun ghir 7ettiti chi chwiya dial cinnamon f dak latte ...yji bniiiiiiin ou yetala3 lik lemjaj bian coume il fou!!


Re : far away

jomhour daba ana ghire fel bidaya diali mazale gama3 tantkhalasse..mais kandire hadchi kahiwaya le joumhour diali le 3aziz...