Fastype Typing Tutorial 6.0.2

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    You can become more productive, and use your time more effectively! If you're a student, business person or professional, or just someone whose interested in enhancing their personal productivity with computers, you need the skill of touch-typing to successfully use your PC in a more efficient way. FasType Typing Tutorial is a great productivity enhancing tool. FasType can help teach you the basic skills of touch-typing on the standard QWERTY keyboard. Whether you're a beginner, a hunt 'n pecking typist, or an experienced typist who needs to refresh your typing skills, you can use FasType to improve your touch-typing skills by following the open-ended and self-paced drills and exercises. FasType can help you to touch-type without looking at the keyboard. FasType will help increase your typing speed and improve your accuracy.
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