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    merra khra j vx partager avec vs une chanson je j aime énormément ...

    Free like the river
    Flowin' freely through infinity
    Free to be sure of
    What I am and who I need not be
    Free from all worries
    Worries prey on oneself's troubled mind
    Freer than the clock's hands
    Tickin' way the times
    Freer than the meaning of free that man defines
    Life running through me
    Till I feel my father God has called

    Me having nothin'
    But possessing riches more than all
    And I'm free
    To be nowhere
    But in every place I need to be
    Freer than a sunbeam
    Shinning through my soul
    Free from feelin' heat or knowing bitter cold
    Free from conceiving the beginning
    For that's the infinite start

    I'm gone - gone but still living
    Life goes on without a beating heart

    Free like a vision
    That the mind of only you can see

    Freer than a raindrop
    Falling from the sky
    Freer than a smile in a baby's sleepin' eyes

    I'm free like a river
    Flowin' freely to infinity
    I'm free to be sure of what
    I am and who I need not be
    I'm much freer - like the meaning of the word free that
    crazy man defines
    Free - free like the vision that
    The mind of only you are ever gonna see
    Free like the river my life
    Goes on and on through infinity​

    encore akhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [23h] [23h]

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