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    As I watched CNN, i've recognized french-colombian Ingrid Betancourt talking to Larry King Live, and i noticed that this former FARC hostage won the heart and the soul of its people and the whole world 's medias.

    Now, i remember the same situation with our heroes hostages : Moroccan soldiers captured on the front line by the Polisario. On 2006, after tense negotiations with american diplomats, the sahara rebels decided to release more than 400 of our prisoners . However, the reception by moroccan officials in Agadir's airport was so bitter and cold, giving the impression that these men were sub-humans, nothing.

    My question is : Is nationality counts, regarding that you're, first of all, a human being ?

    Please feel free to comment.
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    9 Mars 2008
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    not only nationality count, but also is it worthy to take care of them. i m talking here about politic strategy and the use of these hostages by the medias to serve the political agenda of some countries.

    leave the moroccan case and let's focus only on the french american policy.
    ingred (who maried a french man and was naturalized french after that) is a well known woman, who also was a presedential condidat in columbia (her motherland) she is an aliee of the american policy. and of course like most columbian she is an enemy of the melicias (who sell cocaine and other drugs to america). so there a political interest to save her, also she is a celebraty that the media is interested by her life (even before this affair)

    but if u see the other side, france that did it best to save ingred, did nothing for the israelli soldier, jel3ad, who is a pure french. in this case, the soldier is not a popular man, he came from a regular french family that lives now in israel. also being a soldier who kills is deffirent than being a political leader who talk about peace. moreover, the french strategy and interest in middle east, is the main reason that made france neglect this soldier. and for the media, a soldier is not an appealling subject to talk about cause people don't appreciate them to much.

    politic is all what matter, you save who has your citizenship just for dignity. but presenting him to the medias after that depend only on this question "would he be useful for us latter?"

    it s sad but it s true.

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