I Want To Be With You

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    I Want To Be With You

    I sit here in the night
    Staring into the heavens above.
    Wondering if Im lucky enough
    To be given your love.

    Even though I met you
    Just a few days before.
    I have learned so much of who you are
    And thirst to learn even more.

    I want to share my world with you,
    All the smiles and all the tears.
    I want to learn to trust again;
    Something I havent done in years.

    You are very special to me,
    You have kindled something new.
    I want to feel loved in my life,
    I want to be with you.

    For you baby ;-) [10h] [20h]

    Author: Debi

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    Re : I Want To Be With You

    c tres beau , bravo , des mots bien choisi
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    Re : I Want To Be With You

    tbarkelah alik zikas8 tu es labas , eh l a7assiss c tghi bo

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