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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Salam alaykum brothers and sisters,

    Here we'll discuss about all stuff from the islamic perspective and share our views IN ENGLISH [35h]

    So, let's begin with this funny and instructive video but no subtitles :p

    Who said that muslims have no good sense of humour <D
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Here is an other one [06c]

    Abu Hurairah (radhiallahu anhu) narrated that Allah’s Messenger(sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam) said,
    Do you know the things which most commonly bring people into Paradise? They are fear of Allah and good character. Do you know what most commonly bring people into Hell? They are the two hollow things: the mouth and the private parts.
    (Tirmidhi 4832 and Ibn Majah)

    May Allah forgive us
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    A story to make you think!

    Salam alaykum,

    I would like to tell you a nice story which carries a lot of lessons and meanings.

    It's not mine (Yeah I'm NOT that good at writting stories :p),but I found it on the internet the other day[65h]

    So, in order to keep the suspense up to the end, I will give you the title and the link to the website at the end of the story :D

    So, let's begin! [40h]

    Episode 1:​

    Ahmad: Assalamualaikum, is Ummi here?

    Alia: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Nope, she went to work. Where were you?

    Ahmad: I bought nasi lemak for breakfast. Here, take one.

    Alia: Put it on the table. I’ll eat it later.

    Alia (Ahmad’s sister) is busy on her phone, texting someone.

    Ahmad: Wow, look at you go! You’re killing that keypad sis! Who are you texting, the Prime Minister?

    Alia: Nah! I’m texting a friend.

    Ahmad: Friend, or boyfriend? Come on Lia, I’ve known you like the back of my hand…and the front! I can tell if you’re texting a friend or “someone else”.

    Ahmad quietly takes a peep at Alia’s phone and he saw her lovey-dovey messages.

    Alia: Hey, mind your own business!

    Ahmad: Yeah right. The thing is, whenever you want to top up your prepaid credit you’ll come crawling to me. If this is how my money is being spent, say goodbye to future top ups kiddo.

    Alia: Whoa, chill out bro! Did your PMS kick in this morning? Don’t worry, I have a good plan: 0.5 cent per text. That’s not even 1 cent!

    Ahmad:’s different now.

    Alia: What is?

    Ahmad: Sins are cheaper now huh?

    Alia: ...
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Episode 2:

    Ahmad: Lia, c’mon! We’re leaving.

    Alia: I’m not in the mood. Couldn't I just stay home?

    Ahmad: Alone? I don’t think so. Besides, Abi wants everyone to go. It’s family time. What’s with the long face?

    Alia didn’t respond. She keeps rubbing her phone, as if it was a magic lamp. Ahmad senses something is deeply wrong. He sits beside her.

    Ahmad: Lia, what's wrong?

    Alia: Remember the time when you said something about sins being cheaper? I can’t get that out of my mind ever since. So I decided to have a talk with my boyfriend.

    Ahmad wasn’t pleased to hear the word “boyfriend”, but he keeps his cool and listens to his sister intently.

    Alia: I told him that what we’re doing is not right. It’s not like we didn't know what is halal and what is haram. But, I don’t know. Maybe our hearts were making excuses, trying to justify this relationship and make it “halal” somehow.

    Ahmad: What kind of excuses?

    Alia: Well, it’s not like we were holding hands or went out on dates or anything like that. If I was to spend time with him, it’ll be in a study group. Sometimes we would grab a bit to eat with other friends, so that we won’t be alone. But deep down – deep deep down – I knew something wasn’t right. I kinda knew that I was just trying to find an excuse to spend more time with him. I kinda knew that the voice in my head was from Shaytan, who kept saying, “It’s fine! You’re doing nothing wrong.”

    Ahmad: Okay, that was then. What about now?

    Alia: After hearing what you said about sins and stuff, my heart started screaming; telling me to get out while I can. Pursue a halal relationship, like for real. So, we had the talk and I explained everything. But then he got mad at me. There was yelling, and stuff that shouldn't be said came out, and I started crying, and...and...

    Beads of tears start falling from her eyes.

    Ahmad: Let me guess...he broke up with you?

    Alia nods.

    Alia: Why is it hard to find a good guy? Why? I mean, I like him a lot. He cared about me. Not to mention that he went to Islamic school. I was so sure that he’s a good guy, someone that I want to marry someday.

    Ahmad gently wipes her tears.

    Ahmad: So, you want to marry him huh?

    Alia nods.

    Ahmad: And you’re sure that he’ll make a good husband?

    Alia nods again.

    Ahmad: The same guy that agreed to make you his girlfriend, even though he knew better that it’s not the right thing to do?

    Alia didn’t nod anymore. What he said strikes a chord.

    Ahmad: Are you awake yet? Rise and shine kiddo!

    Alia laughs.

    Ummi: Ahmad! Lia! Let’s go!
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    It's not finished yet!

    Episode 3:

    3 months passed by.

    Alia: Assalamualaikum!

    Ahmad: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah! You’re home late.

    Alia: I stayed after class because I wanted to ask the Sheikh a few questions. You wouldn’t believe how many people wanted to ask questions. There was a long queue!

    Ahmad: Wow, you guys really dig the course I see.

    Alia: Well, it’s a course about marriage after all. No wonder people are all excited. Alhamdulillah, the Sheikh made a Q&A session after class just for sisters. Brothers were dominating with their questions during class.

    Ahmad: You learned a lot?

    Alia: Subhanallah, I was blown away! I was like, “Why didn’t I learn about this before?!” Marriage is beautiful, even more beautiful if we do it Sunna-style. If I knew it before, I wouldn’t have considered even the idea of having a boyfriend.

    Ahmad: So it’s safe to say that you’re ready to get married?

    Alia: Well, I talked with Ummi and Abi last night. They were like okay with the idea, as long as my studies are okay.

    Ahmad: Hey, jackpot!

    Alia: I know right? Okay, I’m gonna go freshen up. I'm so tired, I'm starting to see your belly as a fluffy pillow.

    Ahmad: Are you sure you're not just high?

    Alia: Say what?!

    Ahmad: Easy tiger, I'm just playin'. Well, you went from early morning till nighttime...on freakin' weekends! No wonder you're tired. Anyway, dinner is on the table. Go eat when you’re ready.

    Alia: Ayte!

    Ahmad’s phone vibrates. A text message from his friend…
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Episode 4:

    Ali’s phone rings. One message received…

    [ Ahmad: On my way. ]​

    15 minutes later, the door is knocked.

    Ahmad: Assalamualaikum!

    Ali: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah! Come in.

    Ahmad: Are your parents home?

    Ali: Nope, they went out to buy food for iftar.

    Ahmad: And you didn’t go with them?

    Ali: Nah, I don’t feel like it. This year I wanna cut back on my trips to Ramadhan bazaars ‘cause I always step out of one with more than I need.

    Ahmad: Nice.

    Ali: Hey, take a seat bro.

    Ahmad: Thanks. So…what's happenin' bro? It's been three weeks. When are you going to make your move?

    Ali: Yeah, bout that. Recently I’ve been preoccupied with my parents, talking to them about this marriage thingy. My parents, Alhamdulillah they do have Islam, but sometimes culture can take over you know.

    Ahmad: Oh, what seems to be the problem?

    Ali: Well, the usual stuff I guess. My mom wants me to do a bersanding session, a big ol’ walimah, an engagement party, and the list goes on and on man. Some of this cultural stuff I don’t even know about dude!

    Ahmad: What about your dad?

    Ali: He’s a simple guy. He said no hantaran, mahr is enough.

    Ahmad: Well, that’s good right? Hantaran is not even a requirement. Besides, people tend to go overboard with that kind of stuff.

    Ali: Yeah, I guess. But he still needs convincing though.

    Ahmad: Was that all that you guys discussed?

    Ali: We did discuss about Alia. I briefly told them about her based on what you told me. You didn’t lie to me did you?

    Ahmad: Bro, I think you had too much falafel for suhur. I wouldn’t lie to you, especially in something like this. Everything that I've told you about her is 100% true; the good and the bad. If I did lie to you, you would find out about it after marriage anyway and all hell will break loose! I wouldn't do that to you, you’re my bro.

    Ali: Whoa, hey! I’m just checkin’ to make sure. No need for bromance.

    Ahmad: But I gotta be honest with you. I’m a bit worried about your potential walimah, especially the whole bersanding thing. I can’t bear to see my sister looking like some Chinese opera character and being displayed to people like that.

    Ali: I hear you. I keep reminding them the real reason why we do walimah in the first place and that is to publicize the marriage to people, and not to publicize how rich we are. Not only that, I told them that I want Allah’s blessing in every step of the way.

    Ahmad: What do you mean?

    Ali: You know, I wanna start this marriage on the right foot. If my beginning is not blessed, then what about my ending? Gotta think long term bro. That’s how we roll.

    Ahmad: Masha Allah, you’re right. I hadn’t thought of that. Must’ve been hard to convince your parents.

    Ali: It is. But Alhamdulillah, I noticed that their heart is opening up to how I wanna do things. It’s not that I’m against our culture. Some of them are actually very good. But you gotta filter ‘em out you know? What goes well with Islam will stay and what doesn’t will go bye bye.

    Ahmad: So, what now?

    Ali: Well, I’ve arranged a meeting between my parents and this one Ustadh I know. FYI, he’s cool. I think it'll be easier to get the message across if they heard it from someone their age and of religious authority, hopefully.

    Ahmad: I hope everything will go well.

    Ali: Ameen. Wait a minute! Don’t you have driver's ed today? Why did you come here all of a sudden?

    Ahmad: I had to postpone it, pulled some strings in the process. Kinda pulled my hamstring on my way over here too. Man, I gotta fix that bike ASAP!

    Ali: Still riding that bike around huh?

    Ahmad: You bet! Anyway, I got something more important to do.

    Ali: What’s up?

    Ahmad: Lia sent me here. She wants to propose to you.

    Ali: Say what?!

    To be continued... <D
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    7 Janvier 2012
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    wow, this is a very long story, I couldn't finish it [19h]
    but when I read the fist parts, I found that it give an example of what is happening these days in our life and also the fact of what became normal to create relationships between boys and girls.
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Take your time bro! It's not going anywhere <D

    I hope you'll enjoy reading the whole story :eek:
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Episode 5:

    Alia is staring at the message she got from her brother.

    [ Ahmad: He accepted. Alhamdulillah! ]

    Ahmad: Whatchu doin’?!

    Alia: AH! You startled me you moron!

    Ahmad: Ops, sorry. Counting your Eid money?

    Alia: Eid has passed bro. I’m looking at the message you sent me when you went to Ali’s house not too long ago.

    Ahmad: I see what’s goin’ on. You loooove him, do you?

    Alia: Dude I'm gonna yank that beard off yo face! I’m thinking about marriage, not him.

    Ahmad: Whoa, somebody’s in a bad mood. I’m just teasing kiddo.

    Alia: Are they in the room?

    Ahmad: Yup. Wanna meet them now?

    Alia: I guess. Wanna come with?

    Ahmad: Don’t tell me that you’re scared. C’mon, they won’t bite. I think.

    Alia: Of course they won’t. But, I don’t know. I kinda feel awkward I guess. Come with me!

    Ahmad: Alright, alright.

    Ahmad knocks on his parents’ bedroom door.

    Ahmad: Assalamualaikum.

    Ummi: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Come in.

    Alia: Are you guys free now?

    Abi: Pretty much. We’re just waiting for Isha.

    Alia: I wanna discuss something with you guys, is that okay?

    Ummi: Sure. But it won’t be much of a discussion if you guys just stand there at the door. Come on in.

    Alia: (Chuckles) O. Yeah. Right.

    Alia and Ahmad come in and sit near Ummi and Abi. Alia looks very nervous.

    Alia: (Exhales) Bismillah. Actually, I...


    Alia: Oi, you’re ruining it! I’m trying to set up the mood here!

    Ahmad: Who told you to invite me just now? (Laughs)

    Alia throws a pillow at him. Ummi and Abi just smile.

    Alia: (Clears throat) Anyway, you guys knew that last week Ali accepted my proposal. But unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to talk about it ‘cause it’s Eid and I didn’t think it was the right time. So I just wanna pick up where we left off.

    Abi: Hmm...okay. Are you, sure about Ali?

    Alia: Well, I knew that he is a good person. Plus, I’ve basically “interrogated” Ahmad trying to get to know him better, especially how he is as a Muslim. Ahmad is his best friend after all. After that, I did my istikharah and I am confident about my decision. What’s left is tawakul to Allah.

    Ummi: What about your studies? Won’t it be affected?

    Alia: I’ve heard many times people say that marriage will negatively affect your studies. A lot of people flunked their grades because of it. But I don’t think that’s fair, because the opposite is also true. I’ve known people who excelled in their studies after marriage. But very few talk about that. Marriage is not the issue, it’s the person itself who is not ready for it.

    Ummi: True. But, is there a possibility of perhaps postponing this until graduation?

    Alia: I’m just afraid that I couldn’t control my heart. If the situation permits, why not do it right away right?

    Abi: Are you sure you’re ready? It ain’t a walk in the park you know.

    Alia: What do you think? Am I ready to be a wife?

    Abi gives it a thought.

    Abi: I think you would be a great wife. Like your mother.

    Ahmad: Smooth.

    Ummi smiles.

    Alia: I realized that marriage is not easy, unlike being in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship; easy and commitment-free. But, it lacks the blessing of Allah in it. I’d rather face the hardship, knowing that there’s blessing in it than to enjoy the ease that will displease Him.

    Abi: Good answer.

    Ummi: Why do you want to get married?

    Alia: Wherever Allah’s pleasure is at, that’s where I’ll be.

    Ahmad: O snap!

    Alia: I also see this as an opportunity for da’wah. We’ve been saying time and time again to young people that coupling is haram, haram, and haram but we rarely talk about the alternative of it. On top of just talking about it, we show them an example. Hopefully we can inspire them.

    Abi looks at Ummi. Ummi nods.

    Abi: Ahmad, please invite Ali to our house tomorrow.

    Ahmad: Okay, I’ll ask him and his parents to come.

    Abi: Nope, just him.

    Ahmad: Seriously?
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Episode 6:

    Abi: Ahmad, where’s Ali?

    Ahmad: No idea. Wait, lemme text him.

    Ali’s phone rings.

    [ Ahmad: Where are you? ]

    [ Ali: Outside your house. Scared to death! ]​

    Ahmad walks out of the house.

    Ahmad: Assalamualaikum!

    Ali: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah.

    Ahmad: Why didn’t you call me?

    Ali: I’m freaking out here man! What should I say to your dad?

    Ahmad: You think too much. You'll be fine. Just get in!

    Slowly, Ali walks into the house.

    Ali: Assalamualaikum, uncle.

    Abi: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Please, take a seat.

    Ali sits down. The sofa was comfortable, but he wasn’t. Abi can tell that he’s nervous and he remains silent, deliberately. He didn’t want to start. He smiles and waits. Alia comes out with the drinks.

    Alia: Please, help yourself.

    Ali takes a sip, hoping that the awkwardness will subside. Clearly it’s pointless. He realizes that he needs to step up.

    Ali: (Clears throat) I think…you already know why I’m here right?

    Abi: Why are you here?

    Ali: Oh wow, okay. How do I say this?

    Ahmad texted Alia.

    [ Ahmad: Why is he playing around? He already knew why Ali’s here. ]

    [ Alia: LOL! Typical Abi. Even I’m getting nervous right now. ]

    Ali: Actually…I came here…to ask for (Clears throat) Alia’s hand…in…in marriage.

    Abi: Marriage?

    Ali: Yes.

    Ummi: How old are you, Ali?

    Ali: I’m 21, auntie.

    Ummi: Oh, I see. Still studying?

    Ali: Yes.

    Abi: So when are you planning on getting married?

    Ali: As soon as I can I guess. I don’t wanna rush it, but at the same time I don’t wanna delay it. One of the reasons I’m here is also to discuss about when to get married.

    Ali is becoming less nervous now that he gained momentum.

    Abi: Financially speaking, how are you doing?

    Ali: Similar to Ahmad, I have a scholarship.

    Abi: How much do you get per month?

    Ali: Alhamdulillah, I receive $1300 per month. That’s more than enough if one spends it well.

    Abi: You know that marriage isn’t cheap right? The modest walimah that I can think of costs about RM14,000. And that amount excludes bersanding, hantaran, hiring a makeup person, the wedding dress, and so on and so forth.

    Ali: Bersanding? Pelamin?

    Ali looks at Ahmad. Ahmad seems confused too.

    Ahmad: Abi, are we doing the bersanding? Hantaran too?

    Alia: Also, I wasn’t aware that you wanted to hire a person to do my makeup. I’m not even aware that I will wear makeup ‘cause I’m not the makeup-type person. You know that right?

    Ummi: Well, it is your special day.

    Ali: How about if we…skip the bersanding?

    Abi: Why?

    Ali: I feel uncomfortable when I imagine my wife being overly decorated and being displayed on a stage for everyone to see, especially to men. Each pair of eyes that set on my wife’s beauty is like an arrow to my heart.

    Ummi: It’s just for a day.

    Ali: I understand. It is a special day and the newlyweds are treated like kings. But even kings need to obey the King of kings right?

    Abi: Here’s the thing: if we don’t do it the normal way, then what would the neighbours say?

    Ahmad and Alia don’t like where this conversation is going.

    Ali: We can’t satisfy everyone, uncle. I’m not saying that we eliminate all the cultural flavours from the walimah. What I’m saying is that we consider each one of them and see if it goes against Islam or not.

    Ummi: But there are so many people who do it.

    Ali: I can’t really say anything about them. That is between them and Allah. Right now, it’s between us and Allah.

    Abi: So, no bersanding?

    Ali: Preferably not, uncle. But if we want to do it anyway, how about we have a private bersanding session in a closed room with just sisters and close male relatives of the bride. And no pictures except with our own cameras, ‘cause I fear that people might upload them on Facebook, or Flickr, or anywhere else on the net. If she wants to wear makeup at that time, that’ll be okay too.

    Abi: Don’t you think that is a bit too extreme?

    Ali tries his best to keep his cool and maintain his adab.

    Ali: With all due respect, I think what is extreme is Alia being dressed overly fancy and parading herself in front of other men.

    Alia: Abi, I’m with Ali on that one. I think wearing a one-time-only fancy dress is a waste of money. I’m never gonna wear something that fancy on a daily basis. If it’s expensive but suitable to wear on a normal day, then that’s different. But then again, I’m not a big fan of expensive dresses.

    Ummi: But I want you to look beautiful on that day. This walimah is a one-time thing you know?

    With a gentle voice, Alia says...

    Alia: Ummi, in whose eyes should I look beautiful for?

    Silence fills the room...
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Episode 7:

    Ali places his cup on the table.

    Ummi: You’re not thinking of wearing a typical baju kurung do you?

    Alia: That would be ideal to me. However, I’m not going to blindly disregard our society. Of course I will present myself as a bride, but a Muslim bride. And, I will decide how much decoration I will wear.

    Ali: Sorry, I would like to add something: I am confident that a Muslimah like Alia will bear the limitations in mind. And like Alia, I’m not totally ignoring the culture. Like I said before, we just need to filter out what we can’t wear and adopt what we can wear.

    Abi: Okay, if Lia wants to decide on the dress that’s fine with me. But Ummi and I have to approve of it first. Just in case you come off looking too...unfashionable.

    Ahmad is taken aback by what his father just said.

    Alia: Abi, it’s impossible to satisfy every single person. I am tolerating as much as I can, within limits set by our religion. Let me wear what I wanna wear, please.

    Abi looks at Ummi.

    Ummi: We'll think about it.

    Abi: Fine then, as long as the hantaran is still on the table. Ummi, remember the walimah we went to last week? Their hantaran was about RM10,000 right?

    Ali: (Hesitated) With all due respect uncle, can we not do the hantaran as well?

    Abi: Ali, this is getting ridiculous.

    Ali: I'm very sorry. The issue here is that I can’t afford that much money. Besides, the hantaran isn’t a condition for a valid marriage. As long as the mahr is in order.

    Abi: And what might the mahr be?

    Alia: I think a ring would be fine. I don’t want to complicate things. Besides we’re not doing a business, this is a marriage.

    Ummi: But Ali, it’ll be weird if we skip the hantaran.

    Ahmad: (Clears throat) If I may, I think we can work something out.

    All eyes on Ahmad.

    Ahmad: What if we make the hantaran a set of clothing? Alia will buy a set for herself and then give it to Ali. Ali will do the same. No need for expensive clothes, as long as they look nice. Then we’ll present them in a fancy way; ala hantaran. Besides, decorations don’t cost much. It’s fancy, it looks like a normal hantaran, doesn’t cost much, and the things we buy are those that they’re gonna use often. Tadaa!

    Ali: I’m good with that.

    Alia: I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with Ahmad.

    Abi: That is a good idea. But, during the walimah people are going to ask how much does the hantaran costs. They’ll ask what’s in it too! That’s normal, people do that. I can’t tell them that all we did for hantaran was a set of cheap clothes.

    Ahmad is stumped. He was so sure that his idea would solve the problem.

    Ummi: We understand that religion is important, but we have to take care of our image too.

    Ali: With all due respect, I believe it is better for me to invest in my marriage rather than in my wedding. If we spend until our pockets are dry or until we’re in debt, is that a good start for any marriage? Is that a blessed first step? Why not use the money for what comes after the wedding?

    Ummi: Don’t make it difficult, Ali. Can’t we just go along with how everybody does it? It’s easier that way.

    Ali: It is easy and easiness is tempting. But, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right.

    Abi: Look, do you want to marry my daughter or not?

    Ahmad sends Alia a text...

    [ Ahmad: Lia, what to do? ]
    [ Alia: No idea :( ]

    Tension mounts. Ali closes his eyes for a moment and breathes steadily, because what he’s about to say will determine everything. He knows it. He whispers “Bismillah” inaudibly, and then says…

    Ali: Wallahi, right now I desire nothing more than marriage. Just thinking about it gives me happiness, I can only imagine what it feels like if I experience it for real. On top of that, I know that Alia is the kind of woman I’ve been looking for. However…

    Pin-drop silence...

    Ali: If marrying Alia means that I have to “divorce” Allah and His Messenger, then I'd rather sacrifice my pleasure for the pleasure of my Lord.

    Ahmad: Yo Ali, what are you saying man?

    Ali: I’m saying that if we’re going to make the people our reference point, then I'm afraid I won't go on. How can I be happy on my wedding day knowing that Allah, isn’t?

    Abi and Ummi lock eyes.

    Abi: Ali...I don't think this is going to work out.

    Ahmad and Alia looks at Abi, almost in sync. Shocked.
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    31 Octobre 2011
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    Episode 8:

    Abi: Ali...I don't think this is going to work out.

    Ali exhales heavily, but the sadness inside is still there. Helpless.

    [Flashback starts]

    Ali knocks on his parents’ bedroom door.

    Ali: Assalamualaikum.

    Dad: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Come in.

    Ali sits with his parents.

    Ali: was the meeting with the Ustadh? What do you guys think?

    Mom: Hmm...we understood and agreed with what he said.

    Ali: But?

    Dad: But it’s easier said than done.

    Ali: I’ve known it all along that there will be unpleasant remarks about how I want my walimah to be like. And, I know that those remarks will cause you emotional pain.

    Ali senses the uneasiness in his parents.

    Ali: But if we keep on going with what the people want, then when will it end? Someone has to start the change, and I want to be that someone.

    Dad: What about Alia?

    Ali: She and I are on the same boat. She wants a simple wedding.

    Dad: Her parents?

    Ali: I don’t know about them. I’ve never met them. I do hope that they have the same views as Alia. So, are you guys okay with this?

    Dad: I believe that you’re mature enough to know what marriage is all about. If you’re ready for it, then you have my blessing.

    Ali: Mom? You seem awfully quiet.

    Mom: I can predict what my friends will say about your wedding.

    Ali: Mom, free your mind of them. Fill it with Allah. If the whole world is unhappy with my wedding except Allah, that is more than enough. Their painful words will go away eventually. We just have to endure as long as they linger, but they will go away. Trust me. There is nothing more painful to a child than to see his parents sad.

    Ali received a text...

    [ Ahmad: Salam bro. My parents want to see you. Alone. Reply ASAP ].​

    Ali: Ya Allah!

    Mom: What’s wrong?

    Ali: Look! Her parents want to see me, me alone.

    Mom: Well, in that case, you will have my blessing if you get theirs. Go and meet them.

    Ali: Are you serious? I’ve never done this before. Man, I think I’m having a heart attack. This is worse than the interview I went to for my scholarship. Any advice?

    Dad: Don’t pee your pants, son.

    Ali: ...

    [Flashback ends]

    Abi: Ali...I don't think this is going to work out.

    Ali: I understand. If her wali says so, then that is the final say. I have no right to object. Thank you for having me in your lovely home. I think I’ll…I think I’ll take my leave now.

    Alia is in the verge of tears as she watches Ali walks slowly towards the door.

    Ali: Uncle, auntie…assalamualaikum.

    As he steps out…

    Abi: Ali...

    Ali stops. Abi approaches him. Puzzled looks on Ahmad and Alia’s faces.

    Abi: You came a long way. Take this as a gift.

    Abi places something in Ali’s hand.

    Ali: A ring?

    Abi: For Alia. Well done, you passed!

    Ali: Huh?

    Abi: If I was to marry my daughter off to any man, I’d better make sure that he is the best for her.

    Ahmad and Alia: SAY WHAT?!

    Ummi smiles.
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    Episode 9:

    Ahmad sends Alia a text…

    [ Ahmad: Yo, where’s ma cookie? I’m starvin’ here! ]
    [ Alia: JUST WAIT! ]​

    Alia walks to the living room with refreshments for the guests: Ali and his parents.

    Mom: Oh, so this is Alia?

    Ummi: The one and only.

    Mom: My, my, she’s pretty!

    Alia can only smile. Ahmad is holding back his laughter.

    Abi: Ali told me that you work as the principal in the school right by the traffic light.

    Dad: Yes, that is correct. But not for long though. Insha Allah I’ll be retiring in 2 years. It’s about time that my only child here got married.

    Abi: I hope everything goes well until your retirement, Insha Allah. Finally got this one off your shoulders eh?

    Dad: (Laughs) That’s right. So Ali, do you have a date in mind for the wedding?

    Ali: Well that depends on you Dad, and on uncle too of course. For me, I prefer not to prolong the wedding.

    Abi: How about next month?

    Dad: Sounds good.

    Mom: Are you okay with that, Ali?

    Ali: (Nods) Yup.

    Abi: We’ll do the ‘aqad on Friday at the Masjid across the road near our house, after Juma prayer. After that, we’ll do the walimah until just before Maghrib.

    Dad: Speaking of walimah, since we live so close with each other I figured it’s enough to do just one walimah, for both sides. What do you think?

    Abi: No problem. We’ll split the cost.

    Dad: No need for that my friend. Let us handle the walimah. You don’t have to spend anything on your end. I mean, you’re giving your daughter away to my son. To me, that is a sacrifice you can’t put a price on.

    Abi: When I think about it, it is difficult to let her go. But I feel uncomfortable if I don’t do anything to help ease the burden. At least let me handle the invitations. Please, I insist.

    Dad: Well if that is how you feel, then I can't say no. By the way, what about the mahr?

    Abi looks at Alia.

    Alia: I asked for a ring as the mahr.

    Ali: Well, I do have the ring that uncle gave me last week.

    Abi: Actually, that ring was given by me to my wife. It’s her ring.

    Ummi: It was a gift uncle gave me when we got married. I wish to pass it down to Alia.

    Abi: As for the mahr, I have something else in mind.

    Alia: Huh?

    Abi: Don't worry Lia. As the wali, I can decide what the mahr will be. Ali, I want to ask for an amount of money as the mahr; RM2,000.

    Mom and Dad look at Ali. He seems worried for some reason.

    Abi: You must be wondering why I asked for money right? A ring is a modest mahr, no doubt. But did you know that the Prophet once gave Aisha an amount of gold as the mahr? He gave about 500 dirhams.

    Ali: Really? That’s news to me.

    Abi: I do take into consideration that you’re a student and I also take into consideration the value of mahr befitting a woman like Alia. I figured RM2,000 won’t be a problem to you, am I right?

    Ali: Yes. I am able to fulfill that mahr.

    The discussion continues for almost 2 hours. Now it’s time for the guests to go home.

    Abi: Thank you for coming.

    Dad: Thank you for hosting us so kindly.

    Mom: I’ll take my leave now.

    Ummi: Do come again will you?

    Ali and his parents left.

    Ummi: Lia, would you follow me to my room please?

    Alia: Okay.

    In the room…

    Ummi: Take this.

    Alia: What’s this?

    Ummi: This is the dress that I wore on my wedding day. I kept it in one piece, waiting for the day that I may give it to you.

    Alia: Are you sure this will fit me?

    Ummi: I beg your pardon, young lady? I was skinnier than you when I was your age. Insha Allah, it’ll fit.

    Alia: (Laughs) Thank you, Ummi. Love you.

    Ummi: This baju kurung might be a bit outdated. But don’t worry, we’ll decorate it together to make it prettier

    Alia: Alright, we’ll do that. But, I won’t mind wearing it as it is. I’m happy to wear exactly the same dress you wore. I can't imagine a prettier dress.

    Ahmad knocks on the door.

    Ummi: Come in.

    Ahmad: Whoa, whose dress is that?

    Alia: This is the dress Ummi wore when she married Abi.

    Ahmad: Get out of here! That dress is legendary!

    Alia: Jealous much?

    Ahmad: You wish. Yo Lia, Abi wants to have a word with you. He’s downstairs.

    Alia: Oh? Alright.

    Alia left.

    Ahmad: Umm…Ummi?

    Ummi: Yes?

    Ahmad: By any chance, does Abi still have his wedding dress?

    Ummi: Hmm...I think so. Why do you ask?

    Ahmad: Just curious. Okay, I’m gonna go clean up the living room.

    Ahmad walks to the door.

    Ummi: Ahmad?

    Ahmad: Yes?

    Ummi: How’s Anis doing?

    Ahmad: ...
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    Episode 10: The Finale

    Alia: You wanted to see me?

    Abi: Yes. Come, sit with me for a moment.

    Alia: What’s up?

    Abi: What Ali’s dad said, made me think. Allah, how time flies! I could’ve sworn that you’re still a 5-year-old girl. I can’t believe that you’re getting married soon.

    Alia: Abi, whether I’m 5 or 20 years old, I will always be your little girl.

    Abi: (Smiles) I guess so. But Insha Allah, next month you’ll be Ali’s wife. That means that he will be your No. 1 man, not me. Not anymore. Do you understand?

    Alia: Abi, why do you talk like that? You’re making me sad.

    Abi: you understand?

    Alia cries.

    Alia: Yes, Abi. I do. But know will always be my first love.

    Abi cries and embraces his daughter.

    Abi: I love you so much.


    A month has passed. Both families are in the Masjid for the ‘aqad ceremony.

    Ali: Oi, take a look at my sampin. Is it crooked?

    Ahmad: You look fine. How many times do you need to ask me that?

    Ali: Bro, I’m nervous! Look at all these people. I didn’t realize we have such big families man!

    Ahmad: You think too much. Stop being a baby and man up!

    Ali: Whoa, that’s a low blow man. Low blow. Wait till you get married and we’ll see how you’ll react!

    Ahmad just smiles.

    Abi: Imam, I know it’s the norm that the wali gives his waliship authority to the Imam to marry off the woman. But for my daughter, I would like to do it myself. Could you be the witness?

    Imam: That’s fine, not a problem. That is your right. Did the bride put forth any conditions for the groom?

    Abi: Yes.

    Imam: And the groom agreed?

    Ali: Yes, I have agreed to them all. All the details are in this marriage contract.

    Imam: Could I have a look at the contract please? Sometimes people set conditions which are nonsensical, not to mention going against the Sharia.

    Ali: No problem. It’s better that you check, just to make sure everything’s fine.

    Imam reads the contract carefully.

    Imam: Hmm...I don’t see any problems. Alhamdulillah, we can proceed to the 'ijab and qabul.

    Abi: Bismillah...

    Ali is ready.

    Abi: I marry off my daughter, Alia binti Ibrahim, to you, Ali bin Abdullah, for the mahr of RM2,000.

    Ali: I accept.

    Abi: Alhamdulillah. Welcome to the family, son.

    Abi embraces Ali.

    Ali: Thank you...Abi.


    Walimah commences. The atmosphere is cheerful with the beating of the duff and the singing of nasheeds. Friends and relatives, from near and afar, come to celebrate the union of two families. The rich, the poor, the orphans, the ‘alim, and people from various walks of life come together. The sun is out and the wind is whistling gently. Two huge tents are seen, one for the gentlemen and the other for the ladies.

    At the gents’ side…

    Ahmad: Bro! You’re married now!

    Ali: Alhamdulillah, I can’t believe how lucky I am. I’m married and my best friend is my brother-in-law.

    Ahmad: On that note, you better watch out. If Alia is unhappy…well, let’s just say that you don’t wanna know the end of that sentence.

    Ali: Whoa, relax bro! Don’t get all big brother on me now.

    Dad: Ali, where did Mom put all the bunga telur? This basket is empty and needs refilling.

    Ali: In the house, beside the telephone. Dad, you wait here. Lemme go get them.

    Dad: No, young man. You stay put and greet the guests. Plus, your friends would wanna see you. I’ll go get the bunga telur.

    Bakar: Assalamualaikum! Ali my brother, barakallah!

    Ali: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah. Thanks bro! Make du’a for us.

    Bakar: You know I will. Ahmad, assalamualaikum!

    Ahmad: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah!

    Bakar: Ahmad, Samad is looking for you.

    Ahmad: Yeah? Where is he?

    Bakar: There, chillin’ with Amin, Hakim, and Bakri.

    Ahmad: Oi Ali, let’s go say hi!

    Ali: One step ahead of you. O wait, where’s my phone?

    Ahmad: Here. You told me to hold it for you remember?

    Ali: Ops, I forgot. Gimme that.

    At the ladies' side…

    Alia: Anis? Is that you?

    Anis: Assalamualaikum!

    Alia: Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah! Hey, when did you get back? I thought you’re still in university.

    Anis: I took a few days off. I couldn’t miss my friend’s walimah now could I? Guess what, I brought the gang along.

    Alia: Ya Rabb! Nur, Laila, Aishah! You came! I was worried that you wouldn’t come. I texted you guys but you didn’t reply.

    Aishah: Mabruk Lia! Of course we’re gonna come. You gotta fulfill an invitation, especially an invitation to ma gurl’s walimah!

    Nur: Congrats! We didn’t reply to your messages ‘cause we want to make a surprise.

    Alia: Well, good job. I’m surprised.

    Laila: Say, where are the plates? I’m starvin’.

    Alia: Oh my, sorry! You’re my special guests, get inside the house and help yourself. Ummi is in there. Go on!

    Nur, Laila, and Aishah walk into the house.

    Alia: Anis? What are you waiting for?

    Anis: Umm Lia... where’s Ahmad?

    Alia: Over there, with Ali.

    Anis: Oh...okay. So, that’s your husband?

    Alia: Yup!

    Alia’s phone rings. Ali sends a text…

    Ali: Feel like a poet today.
    Alia: Hehe...really?
    Ali: Really.
    Alia: How come?
    Ali: I looked at you today and a poem was written in my head. Subhanallah, out of nowhere!​

    Alia smiles. She looks at her husband from the corner of her eyes. Ali catches her gaze and they lock eyes for a brief moment.

    Alia: So, where’s the poem?
    Ali: Seriously? You don’t expect me to text you the poem do you? How “romantic”!
    Alia: Well, you’re busy with the guests. So am I. I think via SMS is okay, at least for now.
    Ali: Okay, you ready?
    Alia: Think you’re like Shakespeare huh? LOL!
    Ali: Ouch!
    Alia: I kid, I kid. The stage is yours!​

    Alia awaits the SMS from her husband…

    My love for you is not of this earth, but of the Heavens
    Yet I know it's not possible, because Heaven is greater
    And the greatest of all Heavens, is the one with you in it
    For Heaven will not feel heavenly without you, my love

    Suddenly Alia is struck by something. She sits down. Beads of tears slowly fall from her eyes, reaching the corner of her lips, carving a smile.

    Anis: Alia? What’s wrong?

    Alia: It feels…different.

    Anis: What is it?

    Alia: (Rubs chest) This love. A love that is blessed, it really feels different.

    Anis glances at Ahmad, over at the other side...

    *THE END*

    Lovely SMS, by Aiman Azlan​
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    Salam alaykum,

    (Don't be fooled by the video title! It's not what you think!)

    What do you think?

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