It hurts…

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  1. Casawia

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    12 Avril 2005
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    Le Coeur De Casablanca
    ......To loose A Special Person

    When death takes your special person,
    It hurts.
    It hurts in the middle of the day,
    In the middle of the night
    And in the middle of your stomach.
    It hurts to lose anyone
    Who has a special place in your heart.

    At first it isn`t real.
    It`s just a nightmare.
    Everything will be all right
    In the morning.

    But, of course, it isn`t.
    Morning brings reality,
    Mercifully dulled by shock
    And a feeling of numbness.

    Like a robot
    You move mechanically through
    The seconds,
    The minutes,
    The hours of the next few days.

    When death takes your special person,
    It hurts.
    It`s real at the graveside,
    When the finality
    Of death deals a reeling blow.
    And you feel
    As if part of your heart has been
    Wrenched from your body.

    It`s real in the days that follow.
    Long days.
    When the enemies
    Of fear and frustration
    Dog your steps.

    It will be real in the months ahead,
    When sleep refuses to come,
    And loneliness refuses to leave.

    When death takes your special person,
    It`s OK to ask, "Why?"
    Why me?
    Why now?
    Why ever?

    When death takes your special person,
    It`s OK to cry.
    It`s OK for men and women,
    For boys and girls.

    When death takes your special person,
    Reach out.
    Reach out and share the tears,
    The sorrow of others.
    Others who also hurt.

    When death takes your special person,
    It hurts.
    But, it hurts a little less with time.
    And still less with more time.
    How much time?
    More for some,
    And less for others.

    There is no prescribed
    Amount for recovery.
    But one morning
    You will wake up and your loss
    Will not be the first thing you think about.
    And then, you will know that it`s just a little
    Better than it was in the beginning.

    When death takes your special person,
    It hurts.
    And it specially hurts on special days.

    When death takes your special person,
    Give yourself some time,
    Just the right amount of time for you.,
    Not too little,
    And not too much.

    And then do something different,
    Not too different.
    Just the right amount of difference
    To build a new memory or two.
  2. vanlee

    vanlee Abou Mouataz

    12 Février 2006
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    vraiment it hurt
    lahla yhurti a khti casawia :(
  3. kochlok03

    kochlok03 Visiteur

    23 Janvier 2006
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    : It hurts…

    qd ca fait c un mal qui fait le bien de son detenteur [06c]

    oups nsite ma9rithach apres ktaba dial zarba [22h]
    HS : aji mon psodo dayar lik azma fi not9a [17h]

    edite : chof daba
  4. megaman_c

    megaman_c Guest

     : It hurts…

    naaaaaaaaari ya kushluk, joumla rakiiiiiiika b7al smiytek
    wallah ma fhemt tta wezza

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