lapse of memory


Hadi ecrit par mon ami "Ta3AlA9a_Man"

Sittin’ in my dark ‘N’ cold room
Trayin’ to remember something i know
Can’t find the name, but it’s here
Somewhere in my mind, hauntin’ my thoughts
Troubles ‘N’ weakness kill out my breath
Can i just remember? That’s what i want

Im still tryin’ but it seems to me out of reach
What’s happend to me? So confused, so afraid
Is this the beginning of the end? Hope “Yes”
Cuz i can’t go on, it’s killin’ me softly
Nobody by my side, to help me give in
Don’t wanna give in but what to do?
Life’s so hard to be lived this way
At the moment, sleepy, smokin’ the last one
Even the smoke let me down, disapear ‘N’ let me alone

The lapse of memory, i heard about it
But never i believed in it, don’t know why
Maybe God’s testin’ me to believe
But i hate tests, at least this kind of tests
That make me leave my world, my body ‘N’ my soul
Wanna get rid of this soul but don’t know how
Im so weak to think about suicide

Leavin’ my dark ‘N’ cold room
In the middle of the night, goin’ out
To escape my pain, everything’s so calm, so tender
But not me, still tryin’ to remember but nothing
Waitin’ for God’s help to hold my pain
To rejoin my dark ‘N’ cold room
Hope that’s only me, sufferin’ alone
From lapse of memory, cuz if u wanna kill someone
You don’t have to use guns, just wish him
To suffer from lapse of memory