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  1. robin

    robin Visiteur

    5 Février 2009
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    Bonjour, tout le monde!
    End of march I'm leaving for a trip to morocco, which is bringing me to Marrakesch and Casablanca.
    As a trip all a alone is anything else then exciting I'm searching for nice people to have some company.
    No time for boring days and nights
    Feel free and leave me a message!
    I'm a 28j, nice man from Germany

  2. alexander

    alexander Weld Azrou Membre du personnel

    9 Mars 2008
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    i'm not going to be in morocco during march. but i wish you a nice trip. enjoy it!

    are you moroccan or german, or both <D

    for Casablanca, don't waist your time. visit the the few monuments and run out. i lived there 2 years, i didn't like it. it's just a big city, just boring big city. there is thousand better than that in Germany.

    i always advise my friends to visit small cities and Marrakesh.

    have a good trip.
  3. benider1

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    20 Janvier 2009
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    Hi robin,
    You sound so down,you should be very excited to go it is a very beautiful country.you should not worry about meeting people.they are very outgoing and hospitable.one you should not do is assume that this place or other is not interesting.do not take it for granted.Just go with with the flow and see what happens.Morocco is a unique place.if you need more info feel free to reply.
    good luck
  4. omar-narida

    omar-narida Visiteur

    16 Février 2009
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    ok robin the fact that you will not be alone in marrakech , just take a coffée in Jamaa fna, and keep staying watching free animation.
    you will not fell alone i assure you.a lot of amazing things to see and vist,like, BAHIA PALACE,the museum of marrakech,the graves of Saadiens.the narrow streets and souks of the old town of marrakech.outside old marrakech you have plenty of places to vists, like the gardens, Menara, Agdal,Majorel etc.
    outside the marrakech you have other places to go and enjoy your vacations,in the heart of nature,some 50 kilos from marrakech you find ourika, oukaimeden,Tobkal etc.
    im from marrakech if you need more information, do not hesitate asking

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