Lost Voices

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    No Matter…

    No matter how long I scream

    No matter how hard I try

    My voice cannot reach you

    Or is it that you don’t care

    No matter how hungry I am

    No matter how scared I feel

    No one can ever help

    By giving food and peace

    Even blind men would hear

    The news and feel this constant fear

    That one day you will take my place

    And the others will pretend to be blind

    Even deaf men would see

    The killing on news everyday

    And one day we will be the same

    One day, you will take my place

    Now if you fear to be

    In my shoes, even for a day

    Help me, do anything

    Anything would help, even a prayer

    Please you all pray for me

    I need some love and care desperately

    I need to be free as you

    Have peace, food and my taken land

    (Dedicated to my sisters in Palestine and Iraq)

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