Mostapha Ben Ali gagnait à 2M ce que gagnent 300 soldats

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    12 Juin 2008
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    Les pieds sur terre

    Mostapha Ben Ali was earning $ 60,000.00 per month in Morocco! that is $ 720,000.00 per year. He was the CEO of 2M
    In a country where the soldier guarding the nation is still earning $ 200 per month , Mostapha Ben Ali was earning equal to a squadron of 300 soldiers, a regiment of men with enough courage to defend an entire city.
    One man earning the salaries of 300 brave Moroccan soldiers, this is the extreme injustice a man can accept.
    While one is putting his own life at risk to protect Morocco and our families, we reward him with 1/300th the salary of Ben Ali. A shy man who can’t even face the camera from what I read in a few articles about him.
    This man introduced the genius idea that we need Turkish and Indian movies on 2M. Is this really what the Moroccan person wants to be reduced to? Are we a sleeping nation or a herd of sheep to let people like Mostapha ben Ali suck the country’s tax money?
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    23 Décembre 2006
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    journaliste li ktab had l article ha9999999999999999od tfooooo
    ou raha haja 3adia ou en plus rah 6 million ou 9lila parapor l kalité dial la chaine ou niveau li fine radha yestahel 6 ou kter
    houa galss kayedire lina mo9arana li matnf3 f walo !!!
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    16 Mai 2006
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    vous parlez d'un PDG d'une chaine, imaginer il y a des PDG qui gagne des milliers de dirham par mois c normale c la hiérarchie

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