MSN Messenger 7.5.0160, Beta , 2 Pi

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    MSN Messenger 7.5.0160​

    The signin page:

    - Totally new, you can save your email address only, save the email and the password, and you can also sign in automatically. Finally, these options are seperated!
    - If you check "Remember Me", your display picture will be displayed instead of the MSN Messenger logo and your email will automatically be entered

    The contact list:

    -Not much to say besides the fact the "Add contact" button is placed elsewhere.

    The conversation window:

    - The option buttons were changed
    - "Voice Clip" enables you to send a voice message for the time you want by holding the button and talking in your mic. You can also press and hold F2

    New dynamic backgrounds (h):

    - You may choose a new kind of background which is animated like the winks. The animation is more pleasant, the text color matches it so you can still see it clearly and it's not just annoying.
    - There is also the option to share the dynamic backgrounds, as soon as you set one, if your "Share background" option is checked (in the "more" menu) then the background is sent as a file to the person you're talking with



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