One Barkani !

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    13 Décembre 2006
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    A Casawi, a Marrakchi , and a Barkani are in a bar discussing the mental abilities of their wives.

    The Casablancais says, 'You know my wife must be the most stupid woman in the world. She went to a supermarket and bought 2000 Dirhams worth of meat, and we don't even have a freezer!'

    The Marrakchi says, ' That's nothing ! My wife went out last week to a showroom and bought a brand new car , and she doesn't even have a license!'

    Not to be out done, the Barkani says, My wife is a lot dumber than that! Last week she left for a holiday in Casablanca with a pack of 20 condoms!, she doesn't even have a penis! [:Z] [:Z]
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    14 Janvier 2006
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    Re : One Barkani !

    u r so stupid,if u think that a real brakny will take his wife in holidays with!![29h]
    shame on u<D

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