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    I've often wondered if there's
    Ever been a perfect family
    I've always longed for undividedness
    And sought stability

    A flower taught me how to pray
    But as I grew, that flower changed
    She started flailing in the wind
    Like golden petals scattering

    And I miss you dandelion
    And even love you
    And I wish there was a way
    For me to trust you
    But it hurts me every time
    I try to touch you

    But I miss you dandelion
    And even love you

    I gravitated towards a patriarch
    So young predictably
    I was resigned to spend my life
    With a maze of misery

    A boy and a girl befriended me
    We're bonded through despondency
    I stayed so long but finally
    I fled to save my sanity

    And I miss you little sis and
    Little brother
    And I hope you realize
    l'll always love you
    And although you're struggling
    You will recover
    And I miss you little sis and
    Little brother

    So many I considered
    Closest to me
    Turned on a dime and sold me
    Out dutifully
    Although that knife was chipping
    Away at me
    They turned their eyes away and
    Went home to sleep ...

    And I missed a lot of life
    But l'II recover
    Though I know you really like
    To see me suffer
    Still I wish that you and I'd
    Forgive each other
    'Cause I miss you, Valentine
    And really loved you

    I really loved you -
    I tried so hard
    But you drove me away
    To preserve my sanity -

    And I lound the strength to break away

    Mariah Carey

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