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    I have found the definition of Beauty, of *my* Beauty. It is a thing fiery and sad, a bit vague, a thing leaving much to conjecture. I will, if I may, apply my ideas to a tangible object, for example to the most interesting of objects in society, a woman's face. A seductive and beautiful head--a woman's head, that is--is one which brings forth all at once--but in a confused manner--dreams of both voluptuousness and sadness; which carries with it the idea of melancholy, laziness, even satiety--let us say a contradictory idea, in other words an ardor, a desire to live, linked to an ever-returning bitterness, as if the result of privation or despair. Mystery and regret are also characteristics of the Beautiful.

    translated from Baudlaire's "Journaux intimes", presented to you by Jniyen


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