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    I promissed myself a brand new tomorrow
    Just wanted something that i can hold on to
    Dindn't think about love just broken rules
    I wondered if someone could conquer my heart
    Always get caught up on my confusion
    Why should i hesitate front of him?
    Such a divine temptation can't be surpassed
    They say it's another allusion for me
    Today i'll take them up ont the dare
    He touched my heart with gladness
    Never tought i could be happier
    Let me reach the best of you
    Just let me love you, the way i always do

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    Re : sure about it

    ;-) dima scallops , ma3yitish menhoum? wa bedli chwiya scallops oula ghatmelli ..ou ila melliti mossebaaaa

    dima top a homie [35h]

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