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    Case Turns iPod Touch into iPhone. li 3endou chi IPod ifre7 m3a rassou


    It’s always been said that the iPod Touch is just an iPhone without the phone. A new adapter, which adds phone functions to the iPad, proves that this isn’t quite the case.

    The “Apple Peel 520″ cradle, first spied a week ago with a Sprint logo on the back, adds a cell radio and an extended battery to the Touch. And while it works, it doesn’t exactly turn your iPod into an iPhone. The adapter is made by Chinese manufacturer Yosion, and has been tested by the folks at the MIC Gadget blog.

    The Yosion box is a rubber case with a cell-radio, a vibrator, mic and speaker, a dock connector to interface with the Touch and an 800mAh battery to power it (three hours talk, 120 hours standby). It’s pretty thick, and has no volume buttons so you can’t change the volume of a call, and while a 3G SIM will work for calls, you won’t get 3G internet, which kind of makes it pointless.

    How do you use it? First, you need to jailbrak the iPod, and then you have to install the Yosion SMS and phone apps. It all works just like the iPhone from there, although sometimes, according to MIC Gadget, the caller ID info doesn’t show up, and missed call alerts will be blank (only marginally less useful than the iPhone’s real alerts).

    It’s not all bad, though: The case only costs just $388 RMB in China, or around $57. That’s certainly cheaper than an iPhone.

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