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    Blessed is your face
    Blessed is your name
    My beloved
    Blessed is your smile
    Which makes my soul want to fly
    My beloved
    All the nights
    And all the times
    That you cared for me
    But I never realised it
    And now it’s too late
    Forgive me

    Now I’m alone filled with so much shame
    For all the years I caused you pain
    If only I could sleep in your arms again
    Mother I’m lost without you

    You were the sun that brightened my day
    Now who’s going to wipe my tears away
    If only I knew what I know today
    Mother I’m lost without you

    Ummahu, ummahu, ya ummi
    wa shawqahu ila luqyaki ya ummi
    Ummuka, ummuka, ummuka ummuka
    Qawlu rasulika
    Fi qalbi, fi 7ulumi
    Anti ma3i ya ummi

    Ru7ti wa taraktini
    Ya nura 3aynayya
    Ya unsa layli
    Ru7ti wa taraktini
    Man siwaki ya7dhununi
    Man siwaki yasturuni
    Man siwaki ya7rusuni
    3Afwaki ummi

    _________________hadi tatjib li lbekya, obritkom tantoma tbkiw ________
  2. Casawia

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    12 Avril 2005
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    Re : ummahu

    hadi machi gheer jabet liya lbekya  :(
    khallatni bla klam

    wach c une chanson? si c le cas, tu peux nous la passer stp?
  3. guesto18

    guesto18 Guest

    Re : ummahu

    wa 7e9 allah ila chq fois j l ecoute tanbki a casawia...
    wi c connue c mother de sami yusuf..
    j vai poster le lien inchalah..

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