Uncle Sam

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    12 Décembre 2005
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    Sometimes I feel the world is over
    And my life reached its end
    Other times I realize the end is so far
    I even wonder, will I be there when it comes

    I know I sound sad
    Forgive me but I'm feeling so bad
    Seeing all the people mad
    Cuz of the way Uncle Sam treats us; so bad

    Dear Uncle Sam, I'm writing you
    You better listen, I'm warning you
    Don't you have anything to do but bother us?
    Oops, I forgot, you are the player and the game is Us

    Dear Uncle Sam, We are so weak so fragmented, easy on us
    I know you did small efforts to spread us
    You know why,
    Cuz we are selfish, egoistic, egocentric…, that's why you got us

    Hey guys, Have you ever had the feeling
    That the news everyday are repeating
    Sometimes I wonder why we watch the news
    Isn't it the same everyday, we loose, we loose

    As being a devil
    You know the old story sweet uncle
    There's always a day after nights
    And darkness is always fought even by tiny lights

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