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    do you remember how happy we were,
    do you remember the laughs,
    do you remember the jockes in your hous,
    do you remember the crises..
    "my mum is here,hurry,hide"
    "my sister is having a glimps"
    both of our hearts were beating,
    and our hands chaking and swetting.
    we were steeling a few minutes for us,
    for our own joy and happyness
    i gave you everything i have
    just to keep you by my side,
    but you were unfaithful
    and couldn't be graceful,once i'll leave you
    you'll feel how i was useful.
    don't you think i'm a little girl
    i can handle it verry well.
    i'll just thank you for all you've done
    and forgive all your mistakes..
    and the only think you'll die to do,
    is to heare my voice again,
    sometimes you'll try to call me
    but you already know that i won't be there..
            never be there...

  2. Fadawdaw

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    Re : unfaithful

    tbarkeALLAH 3lik a sara [23h]
    deja 9ritha sba7 melli werritiha liya o 3ajbatni bzaf [06c]
    nantadire lmazid inchaALLAH [17h]
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    Re : unfaithful

    tebarkelah 3la lokht dyalna
    dakchi 3andek mejhed ;-)
  4. acha3ir al majhoul

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    Re : unfaithful

    bahibik 2awi ya ma mchicha

    ...............et une nouvelle étoile apparait dans notre ciel......................

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