volunatary work !!!!!!!!!!

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    20 Septembre 2010
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    do we have the culture of voluntary work in Morocco ?
    and what do you think guys about introducing a law in morocco for minor crimes instead of a prison sentence , the criminal need to do some community service ?
    like cleaning the street , repairing damaged places , painting school walls , cleaning public toilets, .........................

    just an idea
  2. Sweetime

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    16 Juin 2010
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    Totally agree With you .Wee see this kind of Punishment-community service- in developed countries specially in U.S.A I would like see it In ours .It really helps to achieve many educational, developmental and social goals.
    For the culture of voluntary work in Morocco , yes we have it as we have it in Islam !but we have to work on sensitizing People about the important of voluntary work :)
    * I had participated in a voluntary work in our high school , we have collected Some clothes , food , soap , for old age hospital We felt a great enjoy and pleasure for Helping others..:rolleyes:

    Thank you for this wonderful Topic <D
  3. Shashan

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    26 Décembre 2008
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    Beni Mellal
    _I Like Voluntary Wroks, Its A Great Idea You Know What Im Sayin..Some Of Us If They Could Just Think Of! Sharing Positively Movements Like Cleaning Us The Street And Feeding Poor People In Everywhere, Wherever Ur Level Is In This Community We Just Need To Be On The Same Level Without Thinking Of Our Job-Payments, That Will Be Helpful And Useful At The Same Time ! Lets Just Do It Or At Less Imagine It.
    _Personnaly, I Hate To Be Working Under The Governement.To Be Volunteer Yeah !

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