wealth and children are adornment of the life of this world!!!!!

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  1. modestyboy

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    12 Juillet 2008
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    Like everyone in this world , muslim people is looking for a good life , for a satisfaction

    and for good things can help them in the day-end!!!

    So , the satisfaction can have many meanings in islam , so i am choosing in my subject 2

    meanings of satisfaction for muslims ,wealth and children , so can you give other

    meanings dear brothers and sisters!!!!!!
  2. alexander

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    9 Mars 2008
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    who said so!!!!!!

    it's not for muslims it for every human.

    but a good muslim should have different purposes (and so be satisfied by other things).

    wealth and children are the joy of Al7ayat addonya. and that's not what a good muslim aim for. especially the wealth, it should not be a purpose neither a reason for satisfaction but just another reason to thank God for His gifts.

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